Integrity. Trust. Quality. Reliability.

Precision Innovations was founded in 2017. Our core mission is to help farmers achieve success using technologies that make the most sense for the given objective. We take the time to ask our customers what they aren't doing that they wish they could be doing and what they are doing but wish they could do better. Once we understand their needs we dig into our toolbox to find just the right solution for the problem at hand. Sometimes this can be as complex as integrating a new technology and other times it could be as straightforward as providing our expert consulting skills.

But no matter the solution, everything we do has its base in integrity, trust, quality, and reliability.

Integrity and trust go hand-in-hand. As a Precision Innovations customer, you can be assured that we have your privacy in mind every step of the way. Everything we do for you, right down to the nuts and bolts is treated strictly between you and us and remains 100% confidential always. We understand there is a lot on the line and we work hard to build trust with you.

The solutions we provide are quality-driven and thus provide the best reliability. That said, quality and reliability are not just tangible items. Quality is a state of mind and reliability is also about excellent customer service. We strive to be the best at what we do for you and on your behalf. We strive to understand your goals and you as a person and build a fantastic working relationship that brings you success.

- Douglas Cuffman

Meet the Team


Douglas Cuffman


Doug has been working in IT for almost twenty years and is responsible for all technology-related products and services. His work spans from enterprise application development to user experience design and solutions engineering. Working closely with growers, Doug focuses on providing elegant technology solutions that solve customers problems while providing a cost-effective means and a sustainable business model.

In addition, he is a licensed FAA commercial UAV pilot and leads Precision Innovation's ag drone program. Doug lived in the U.K. and Japan for several years and holds a teaching credential from The University of Cambridge, United Kingdom, and Level II certificate as a Japanese-language interpreter.


Nicholas Fitzpatrick

Strategic Advisor


Lowell Matthews

Strategic Advisor


Alan Perry

Soil Fertility Specialist


Jamie Carter

Principal Remote Sensing Scientist

daniel 2

Daniel Livesey

Solutions Engineer, UAV Pilot


Jadon Cochrane

Ag Data Technician, UAV Pilot

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