Powerful Enterprise Resource Planning Made Easy.

Take Control of Your Food Safety Program with FarmSmart


FarmSmart is an agriculture business process management (BPM) platform that specializes in providing ERP solutions to the commercial farming industry. It is designed to automate and manage critical and complex workflows and increase efficiency across your entire farm enterprise.


Automate Workflows

Eliminate manual tasks, data silos, and bottlenecks while improving visibility and tracking for processes across your entire organization.

FarmSmart Features

  • Food Safety Compliance

    Automated traceback & traceforward, strengthen your blockchain and always be audit-ready

  • Quality Control

    Granular-level harvest monitoring and reporting with valuable metrics

  • Harvest Order Processing

    Complex workflows and tracking made easy

  • Seemless Integration

    Connect with Trimble Ag Software, Famous, Google Cloud, Microsoft Office 365 and many more

  • Take Total Control

    Easy to learn how to create and manage your own business processes

  • Business Intellegence

    Visualize your farm data across your entire operation


Streamline Compliance

Improve workflow agility for food safety compliance control, policy management effectiveness, and risk management transparency. From new laws in food safety and regulatory filings to incident response, leverage flexible workflows so you can adapt quickly to new regulations.

Go Paperless

Digitize your paper forms and requests for use in your daily agriculture and farm business processes. Put efficiency, accountability, and transparency at the forefront of your enterprise.


Embedded Workflow

Looking to embed world-class workflow into your existing solution? With the FarmSmart low-code Designer Tool and a little training, you can design and manage your processes completely on your own.

Rapidly Deploy Solutions

As a "low-code platform", FarmSmart empowers you to rapidly design workflows that can be automated and deployed in weeks, not months and continuously drive efficiencies.


Accelerate Digital Transformation

Connect processes across legacy software and point solutions to accelerate your digital transformation and connect all of your systems, people, and work on one platform.

Easy Integration

Integration with your existing applications and easy API REST connectivity enables your farm to continue driving down cost and increase efficiency.