Vitazyme all-natural biostimulant product container.

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Vitazyme Promotes Soil Life by Working with the Natural Ecosystem

Vitazyme is an all-natural liquid biostimulant, consisting of particular biological activators that are created through a proprietary fermentation process. These active agents include vitamins, enzymes, triacontanol, and other powerful but gentle growth stimulators.

Vitazyme represents a breakthrough to larger, more profitable crop yields, and healthier plants while promoting a more sustainable approach to agriculture.

We offer both an OMRI certified Organic Vitazyme as well as our original Vitazyme Green formula, which contains micro-nutrients.  Organic Vitazyme is an approved material by both BCS and OMRI, as well as Washington (State) and California.

Increase Crop Yields

Improve Crop Quality

Decrease Fertilizer Nitrogen Inputs

Hasten Germination & Maturity

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