Precision Ag drones provide significant
insight into the health of your crops.


Advanced Aerial Scout Reports

Precision Innovations Digital Scout Report combines whole field evaluations with field-specific data.
Your crops have a lot say. Our scouting reports translate and deliver the message.

Plant Stand Counts that Aid in Harvest Planning

Centimeter-accuracy Plant Canopy and Head Size Measurement

Details of Insight Maps and how they relate to your crops

VRT data summary of NDVI values and their respective management zones

Location-tagged scouting notes and photos

info layers

From Start to Finish in Four Easy Steps


Insight Maps & Reports Examples

aerial field scout report

Variable Rate Prescriptions

Extensive ground truthing, years of agronomic experience, and highly advanced hardware and software ensures that our growers and ag retailers are getting the best possible NDVI imagery available.

Our imagery goes beyond NDVI-aided prescriptions; we verify, improve, and compare soil test-based fertilizer prescriptions, multi-hybrid and variable rate seeding prescriptions, and fungicide/chemical applications as well. Get started creating your data arsenal today by monitoring year after year trend analyses of varying farm management practices

Reduce Inputs. Increase Yields.

Current, in-season crop data is one of the most valuable pieces of information in crop management programs. With it, we identify problems early on, allowing growers and precision agronomists to rapidly select appropriate interventions.

Obtaining crop data in a timely fashion is essential. Our digital crop scouting reports make sense of the data and turn it into actionable information within 24 hours.

Precision ag is an essential component of sustainability in modern agriculture. Incorporating accurate imagery into nutrient management program boosts yields by placing inputs on this year's crop nutrient needs, not last year's.


Flexible Pricing. Five Different Plans to Choose From.

We make getting started easy for you. Our pricing model includes the flight collection, data analysis, full product suite (Scout Report & VRT Data), and 24/7 customer support. We provide rates below as a standard, and we encourage you to contact us so we can create a custom program that suits your farm's specific needs and goals. 

One Flight Per Season

$4.00 /ac

  • Acre Range: 500-999
  • Regular Pricing

Two Flights Per Season

$5.50 /ac

  • Acre Range: 1,000 - 1,499
  • Discount: 5%

Three Flights Per Season

$7.00 /ac

  • Acreage Range: 1,500 - 1,999
  • Discount: 10%

Four Flights Per Season

$8.50 /ac

  • Acre Range: 3,000 - 4,999
  • Discount: 12%

Five Flights Per Season

$9.75 /ac

  • Acre Range: 5,000 +
  • Discount: 15%

* All plans subject to availability. Minimum acreage and frequency apply.

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